Our partners

The 99% organic restaurant

Les Terrasses de Merlue
1 route Onoz                                              http://www.bistrotdesterrasses.com/
Tel. : 03 84 47 54 20                                

The biocoop restaurant.
22 avenue Camille Prost
39000 Lons-le-Saunier      http://enviebio.biocoop.net/agenda/1623-Un-restaurant-Biocoop-au-sein-de-l-Espace-Bio

The organic wines from South-Revermont

Claude Buchot in Maynal   http://vinbio.com/claude-buchot-est-viticulteur-a-maynal-dans-le-jura

Peggy et Jean-Pascal Buronfosse in Rotalier  http://www.lenezdanslevert.com/peggy-et-jean-pascal-buronfosse

Domaine Labet in Rotalier  http://www.jura-vins.com/details-domaine-domaine-labet-ROTALIER,143.htm

Domaine des Marnes Blanches – Pauline et Géraud FROMONT à Sainte Agnès  http://www.marnesblanches.com

Gilles et Christelle Wicky à Sainte Agnès  http://www.juraetvin.com

Organic farmers and producers

Goat cheese farmer by Bully family in Saint Laurent la Roche
Organic bread, flour, by Anthony Dubois in Gigny
Les jardins de Theia: organic vegetables and plants by Cyrielle and Sonia in Maynal
The vegetable garden “sous la rochette”: vegetables and medicinal plants bio by Marie Maisonneuve in Saint Maur
Emmanuel Kovarik: Organic vegetables and plants in Grusse

The art craftsmen

Benjamin Mittay: wrought-iron craft in Chatelneuf  http://latelier39.blogspot.fr

Murielle Grosjean: ceramist in Grusse  http://www.ceramistesjurassiens.fr/2012/07/muriel-grosjean-grusse.html